She is beautiful beyond compare. Walking on this earthly plane she lights the world around her as she goes, unaware of her affects, her power a latent potential simmering beneath the surface illuminates her body as she moves.

She smiles in meaningless greetings, gracing those who meet her with just a glimpse, offering a brief encounter with her radiance. When she speaks it’s with a purpose, her sentences become statements, her words the chosen ones, that get to fall from her lips.

Deftly her hands express and reveal, explain away and conceal as servants of her body, the agents of her mind. Her momentous presence cannot go unnoticed, for when she is here, I am always home.

The pleasure and the privilege, to know her and to love her, are mine and mine alone. Every day my resolution – to find a way to show her how, with every breath and every whisper, I love her more, and I love her true.

In this world I found my everything, and she is so much more than any dream. For she is real – my inspiration – and I will love and treasure her beyond all else, forevermore.

When you find love, and you recognise on all levels the beauty of the person who is before you, the deep resonance of their soul with yours – cherish them dear, for they are all.


copyright Paula L. Lutescu-Jones 2014


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