2012 – a year to remember!

Everyone tells you that ‘so much can change in a year’, but most years I’ve found it hard to believe it will be anything other than the usual ebb and flow of life. I few tweaks in lifestyle, a new job, maybe a holiday or handful of new experiences and people coming and going. 2012 was definitely different! I think it has been for many people – perhaps this was the ‘foretold’ progression of 2012. My life certainly changed, and in ways I had only ever dreamt of. I found happiness – and I don’t just mean ‘I’m happy’ smiley-face etcetera, I mean real JOY!! I found the love of my life, and so much more than that. 

At the beginning of 2012 I made myself all manner of promises. Please note they weren’t ‘new years resolutions’ – I find them futile since I end up wanting to rebel against my own newly enforced rule! Around February I declared independence. I decided to hand it all over to the greater universe, I wished one more time, held on to my dreams and just let the rest go. I mean really decided to let it go – I learnt that you lose nothing and gain everything in this process. I decided to trust with my whole heart and that what was meant for me would come to me, and I would not miss it.

No sooner had I found this sense of myself, centred and calm, everything that I had ever hoped for, dreamt of and wished for was standing right in front of me. Well, sitting actually – holding a pint of Guinness. I knew from that moment that my equal, my soul-mate, my love was right there before me. It felt as if an eternity of waiting disappeared into a moment, and was gone in a flash. Loving her comes so easily, and flows like the blood through my veins, revitalising me like the air in my lungs – continuous and ever stronger. I have counted my blessings every day since. I feel grateful and lucky, alive, vibrant and overflowing with love. I am complete in myself, free, and joyous. I want to do everything, go everywhere and share! Our journeys are still ours, unique and individual, but we no longer walk our paths in isolation. There’s a warm hand to hold, another to share our life’s journey with…and what a beautiful journey it is 🙂


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