I was sat atop my lofty clouds looking out to see
the whole world moving to a beat, but not one made for me

I made a wish upon a star, and wondered what might be,
if someone came along one day who could sit with me and see

Through all the muggy mindlessness, the shamelessness and rage,
Would they see the world as I do, and live outside the cage?

Would they walk with me and hold my hand, but never tame my heart,
Would they let me grow and stay with me, and make our love their art?

While my mind was drifting far away, my eyes began to close,
The world became a shifting scene, focused where I chose

Then one cold eve when all was still, you came to sit and be,
full of thought and soft of voice you chattered next to me

I listened to your clarity, your insights and your dreams,
We shared our visions and our motives, and everything it seems!

The world is so much brighter, sat atop this cloud,
Knowing one more person, who isn’t in the crowd

I tried to tell you something, I whispered and I ran,
Scared you’d walk away from me, like people sometimes can

Now I listen extra hard, just in case you heard,
I wasn’t quite brave enough, but I meant every single word.


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