I fell from the heights of the heavens. Not because I came from there, but because you took me there. In your arms I stayed among the stars, swimming around the moon, and looked at the bright blue world below me feeling nothing but the serenity of your heartbeat in sync with mine. Safe in the clouds with you my wings felt the freshness of the night sky tickling my soul and calling me out. My eyes opened to the beauty in every moment, as if for the first time, and I was awake in dreams. You let me go, I looked back to you, and I fell. Faster and deeper, I felt my body leave my heart behind. My heart stays with you, for you gave it the wings to fly, while my body falls ever closer to the blue beneath my feet…and I wonder, in every fleeting moment, will you catch me?

≈            ≈             ≈           ≈

I think I’m composed. There’s a moment when I almost touch reality, and mocking seconds of clarity trespass across my daydreams. Then like a gulf inside my chest, I remember. I know where I want to be – my body pulls towards my heart – and I’m lost again in dreams. Trying to find the one where I’m awake. Where I can still feel you all around me, in that mist of sensory bliss, I’m just so glad to be with you, so happy that you’ve found me. In dreams I see you right in front of me, and we kiss. Unexpected, your photograph leaves me breathless. My heart skips and races, and the air whisked out from my lungs comes back to me with an ache. At once delighted and petrified. I realise the blue is still far below me, and I fall without restraint…

≈            ≈             ≈           ≈

Crash. Like bricks and mortar on an icy pavement. Your silences deafen me. There’s no-one around but me. I’m alone here. My thoughts churn into a whirlpool of questions increasing my confusion and rousing my mind to a symphony of non-answers. Leading me further down into the blue, I keep falling. I don’t look down. Its darker here, and the stars are drifting from view like clouds rolling over mountains. I look up, and see the distance you keep. Slipping further from my grasp, I hand my fate over to you. You’re the only one who knows where to find me, here in my private oubliette. I wait and hope…

≈            ≈             ≈           ≈

Amidst the intoxication, the constant swirling blues and flickering rainbow shadows, I float into precious memories. I cherish the warmth of the feelings. You’re so close I can almost touch you, and I sense the invisible red thread between us. I open my eyes, and before me is a hand that can be only yours. Only you would know where to look, and only you would care to find me. You lift me up, and I follow, my heart happily bound to yours basks in its divine belonging. Fates entwined as resonating souls in a world full of lamenting chaos. Holding each other close, your arms are my sanctuary, and I will gladly fall forever. As long as I am holding you, I need no world beneath my feet. I can fly on wings of passion, always knowing you are there…


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