I wonder…

I can’t help but wonder, if the veil will one day lift,

The shadows will vanish from your gaze, revealing the chasmic-rift…

When the morning breaks the past it seems, is washed away with light,

But you’ll remember me in silences, as the moon promises the night…

In those moments of still reflection, will it ever become clear?

That all the time you were drifting away, one of us was still here…

Waiting patiently for time to heal, to hear you speak those words,

Listening hard and speaking soft, the lines of loving blurred…

So I can’t help but wonder now, if you will ever really know,

The depth and breadth and height of love, and the flower into which it grows…

To love is to have an open heart, and courage by the pound,

For only love can set the spirit free, whilst keeping feet upon the ground.


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