Are any of so sure, so utterly absolute in our fundamental perfection? Are we not on journeys, on paths to attaining greater levels of our ‘selves’? Learning in the great adventure to balance, to find serenity, to muster courage, exercise patience and gain understanding? Refine tempers, open hearts, love unconditionally and be humble. Recognise your power, yield it but never abuse it. Is it easy? No. Is it human? Yes. We can only grow if we let ourselves, if we let go of the past and choose instead to learn. We can only let go when we decide to feel safe in our own skin, trust ourselves and love what we are, and allow our inner self to hope for what we will become in the future. We need to dream, and we must be free to do so. Let go of self-imposed barriers, and allow the deeds of the past to wash away in the rivers of time. What we have been in the past serves us in the present; we are not slaves to our past selves unless we choose to be. Life is full of lessons, replete with adversities, and we must engage with every chance we are offered to step up, rise above old insecurities, and shine. To judge is to make an assumption, that you have nothing to learn in this life, and to stifle another’s growth. Offer encouragement to those who are learning, and be humble enough accept, that you too, for as long as you walk upon this earth, always will be.

© Paula Jones 2011. All rights reserved.


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