When shadows are cast upon your path, and darkness seems to fall, remember I am right beside you, and I love you most of all

When clouds appear to fill the sky, and the sun hides its golden rays, come to me and I will show you the light, and we will illuminate the days

The stars that light the heavens above, shine faintly compared to you, you brighten my world and warm my heart, with loving energies, pure and true…





Gentle hearts do get broken, inner scars indicative, like tokens

Of pasts gone, not quite forgotten, times of bliss, and others rotten.

Like pebbles in the water, our pains are washed away,

When we wake ourselves from stuper, and boldly dare to say,

“I may find myself in deep water, I may find myself in pain,

But never will I ever, lose myself again”.





Let me take you to the source, to remember the beginning, and show you the world as it once was, before we were ever here…

When we were stars that shone so brightly, we could see the world unfold, we watched life begin, and saw the beauty to behold…

If I could lift you from these earthly planes, I’d fly with you to see, how wonderful this place is, when I’m with you and you with me.





I would walk though raging infernos, to press my lips to yours,

I’d hike the steepest mountains, from their peaks to valley floors,

I’d swim through seas and cross the deserts, to hold you close to me,

I know wherever you are, is where I’m meant to be.




© Paula Jones 2011. All rights reserved.


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